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Author: Corey Brodsky

Adjusting Retirement Plans for Inflation

Retirees have seen the purchasing power of their retirement income fall, while working Americans will now need to save and invest for a higher retirement income goal to ensure the same desired retirement standard of living. This erosion of purchasing power may continue for at least the next couple of years, lending urgency to the task of revisiting and potentially revising individuals’ personal retirement plans.

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Making Plans for Your Passing

Planning ahead for the one certain thing in your life can ensure that your end-of-life wishes are honored, while at the same time relieving your loved ones of the burdensome decisions that accompany death and dying.

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How Advisors Can Help in a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Ian was the latest reminder of the need for disaster planning and the urgency of people coming together to help those affected by a natural disaster. There are several valuable ways advisors can assist clients and community in the wake of a natural disaster.

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The Decision to Unretire

Americans have always unretired. In fact, after dipping to 2% during the COVID crisis, the percentage of retirees re-entering the workforce has returned to its pre-pandemic level.

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