Author: Corey Brodsky

The Decision to Unretire

Americans have always unretired. In fact, after dipping to 2% during the COVID crisis, the percentage of retirees re-entering the workforce has returned to its pre-pandemic level.

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Advisors Vetting Prospects

Much is written on what an individual investor should be looking for in a financial advisor. Less discussed, however, is what advisors should look for in individual investors before accepting them as clients.

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So, You Want to Build a Niche Practice

One of the most effective ways to grow your advisory practice is by focusing on niche markets. If you’re seeking to identify a particular niche market that’s right for you, then use this “Identifying Promising Niche Markets Checklist.”

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Ensemble Practices: Turning Partnership into Power

Financial advisors who choose ensemble practices over a solo practice understand the enormous leverage opportunity of sharing staff, technology and operational costs. Through an ensemble practice, advisors can achieve economies of scale simply not possible through a solo advisor practice, which can increase the profitability margins of each advisor in the ensemble.

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