Author: Corey Brodsky

So, You Want to Build a Niche Practice

One of the most effective ways to grow your advisory practice is by focusing on niche markets. If you’re seeking to identify a particular niche market that’s right for you, then use this “Identifying Promising Niche Markets Checklist.”

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Ensemble Practices: Turning Partnership into Power

Financial advisors who choose ensemble practices over a solo practice understand the enormous leverage opportunity of sharing staff, technology and operational costs. Through an ensemble practice, advisors can achieve economies of scale simply not possible through a solo advisor practice, which can increase the profitability margins of each advisor in the ensemble.

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Evaluating Your Leadership

Owners of a financial advisory practice are leaders, managing and motivating staff to help them achieve their mission to serve clients and grow their businesses. But how often does an advisor take a step back to evaluate their leadership performance? Self-evaluation takes brutal honesty and much courage, but the process can be exceptionally rewarding in identifying ways individuals can improve leadership skills.

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FREE 14.2 Views – Know Your Customer… and Their Heirs

Where many of today’s financial services practices are comprised predominantly of Baby Boomers, advisors need to look to the future of their client base … where will the assets come from? Heirs to those very Baby Boomers could be a possibility, but has the advisor brought the heir into the fold, making them feel as if they are also a valued client? Advisors should act immediately to capture this next generation of wealth. Here are three main actions advisors can implement now to make the transfer of wealth management possible.

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Creating a Value Proposition for Your Practice

Having a thoughtful and relevant value proposition is foundational to your financial planning practice because it defines who you are and what you do, how an investor benefits by working with you, and ensures that your practice stands out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

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