Author: Corey Brodsky

Connecting with Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play an influential role in American society given their importance to workers, communities and the U.S. economy. The benefits of entrepreneurship are many, including driving economic growth, job creation, supporting local employment, funding public services through the taxes they pay, and the new products and services they create that improve the lives of consumers.

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October is Financial Planning Month!

The need for a sound financial plan and expert planning advice has never been more acute than it is in today’s uncertain times. Financial Planning Month is the perfect time to implement ways to change the future financial course for clients.

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Standing Out in a Job Hunt

The average open corporate position attracts 250 resumes, on which recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds reviewing and of which only four to six submitters will be brought in for an interview. You could be the Lionel Messi or Serena Williams of your profession and still go unnoticed amid the deep pool of competition and seven second tryouts. The key to getting noticed is by taking proactive steps that help you stand out above the crowd.

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