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FREE 8.1 Q&A – Judy Beckman

What APFS affiliated advisor Judith Beckman knows is that women are capable of dictating the direction of their financial future. In fact, she built her business on that precept. Having served on a number of boards, including The Long Island Center for Business and Professional Women, The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and, most recently, The Long Island Small Business Assistance Corporation— which provides funding for female business owners—Beckman personifies the feminist spirit. With a mission to empower the female investor, she is changing the lives of generations of women to come, one client at a time.

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FREE 7.2 Q&A – Carla Goedtke

Small town girl Carla Goedtke of Investors Choice Financial Services, Inc., claims true independence is the key to success. A bona fide Jack of all trades, she has an extensive resume behind her, playing roles in advertising, newspaper editing, banking, bookkeeping and baking before joining the financial services industry in 1996. The rural location of Slayton, Minn., makes for a diverse client base and with two offices to run, she’s no stranger to wearing many hats. Take a peek into Carla’s background, her eclectic group of clients that span four generations, and what her and husband, APFS Due Diligence Analyst and Product Manager Jim Goedtke, have learned from one another.

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FREE 6.2 Feature – John Parise

John Parise’s practice, Copper Beech Financial Group in Marlton, N.J., is a leader in the financial planning marketplace and one of the top producers at American Portfolios. His unique service model, the family once, was formed to assist affluent clients in managing their wealth through multiple generations.

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FREE 6.1 Feature – Theresa Hannon

Born to be exceptional. She is one of American Portfolios’ top 10 producers and among the top 5 percent of advisors in our industry. She is also the person behind a successful wealth management practice in Wheaton, Ill., which bears her name; she is Theresa Hannon Financial Group, Ltd., but everyone knows her as Terry.

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FREE 5.2 Feature – Mike Lytle

Many estimates for renewal energy growth were made prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in oil prices. Worries are building that with cheaper oil and a sustained disruption in global supply chains, renewable energy may lose momentum.

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