Author: Carol Erdmann

Are Social Media Algorithms Ruining Society?

Social media users in America are likely to experience a mix of different emotions from the content they view. By now, most Americans are aware that algorithms built on personal preferences and online habits are used by social media platforms to keep people engaged in order to enhance the value of their sites with advertisers. It is the way that social media companies go about it that has begun to raise critically important concerns for society.

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Preparing Your Pets for Your Return to the Office

Working from home has wrought many changes, from your work schedule and family dynamics to a new daily routine. Perhaps your daily dog walks begin later and have become more frequent, or playtime now occurs throughout the day. There are a number of things you can do today that will prepare your pets for your return to the office.

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The Current State of Diet Thinking

Reliable information on what represents a healthy and sustainable diet is remarkably elusive. Ordinary Americans can be forgiven their confusion given the constant stream of fad diet advice from celebrities, savvy marketers and the flip-flopping of scientific evidence. Of course, the best diet depends upon an individual’s health and diet objectives.

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