Author: Cliff Walsh, CFA

Roth IRA for Children: Asset Retention Strategy

Asset leakage is a serious long-term danger to many advisory practices since the inheritors often do not stay with the financial advisor. By working with clients today to open a Roth IRA for their minor children, you lay the groundwork to establish relationships with the future heirs of your clients’ wealth during their most formative years.

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The SPAC Phenomenon

A SPAC is a shell company established by investors to raise money through an IPO with the goal of acquiring another company. Investors buying into a SPAC IPO generally do not know what acquisition the SPAC will make, which is why SPACs are often referred to as “blank check” companies.

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Financial Illiteracy: When Will We Learn?

Financial literacy has a predictive power in determining how well an individual can meet an unexpected expense or how likely someone is to save enough for retirement. A financial literacy gap not only points to a disparity in financial satisfaction, but it is a leading contributor to economic inequities.

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