Author: Cliff Walsh, CFA

Are Higher Interest Rates Bad for Emerging Markets?

As developed nations’ economies recover, interest rates are heading higher, representing a further potential headwind for emerging markets. Higher rates are typically seen as a negative for emerging markets, as they increase dollar-denominated debt burdens, trigger capital outflows and result in tighter financial conditions.

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Stock Performance in Midterm Elections

The stock market in 2022 faces a number of significant headwinds, ranging from inflation and supply chain constraints to new COVID variant breakouts and geopolitical frictions. Add another one to that list—the upcoming midterm elections.

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The Evolving State of ESG

Despite the massive interest in ESG investing on the part of individuals and institutions, there remain some challenges for investors and advisors alike. For instance, there is no standard definition of what ESG represents.

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China’s Great Property Bust: Global Economic Implications

Recent numbers are staggering and an indication of how important real estate has been to the economic growth of China in recent years. It should then come as no surprise that China is trying to deflate its property bubble with a minimum of economic damage. It won’t be easy considering that the impact of real estate-related activities on China’s GDP (almost 30%) is substantially higher than the U.S. (about 17%) or the U.K. (about 20%).

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