Author: David Molter

Recruiting Gen Z Advisors

Every organization needs the vitality and fresh perspective of younger workers. They may be inexperienced, but they are an important link to a new generation of consumers and fill an essential gap created by a retiring generation of workers. The oldest members of Gen Z are now beginning to graduate college and may be an ideal resource for growing a forward-leaning investment advisory organization.

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To Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

If you follow J. Paul Getty’s dictum that you should buy things that appreciate in value and lease things that depreciate, then the decision to buy or lease a car would be an easy one. But the choice of whether to buy or lease a car isn’t always a purely financial one. Many of the relevant considerations involve personal preferences that touch upon what you want from the car you drive.

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The 10 Ways to Combat Burnout

Two-thirds of full-time employees have experienced burnout during their career. The cost of burnout is not limited to the individual and his or her family—it also affects employers through lost workdays and lower employee productivity.

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Employer as Big Brother

To see what their employees are up to, employers use a variety of software tools to ascertain how long employees are spending on the computer doing work, what they’re working on, how often they’re typing and how long it takes them to respond to emails, as well as the searches they conduct and the websites they visit.

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