Author: David Molter

Employer as Big Brother

To see what their employees are up to, employers use a variety of software tools to ascertain how long employees are spending on the computer doing work, what they’re working on, how often they’re typing and how long it takes them to respond to emails, as well as the searches they conduct and the websites they visit.

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Calculating an Affordable Mortgage

The double whammy of higher home prices and rising mortgage rates have a lot of Americans reevaluating the mortgage they can afford and how much a mortgage lender will lend. There are several ways individuals can calculate the monthly mortgage amount affordable for them.

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Managing Client Emotions

Managing client emotions begins before a client’s investment plan is even executed. It starts with setting the right expectations. Advisors should invest in educating and coaching their clients from day one of the relationship. Starting a client’s education in the midst of a market meltdown is too late. An educated client is the best defense against future panic.

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