Author: John Rodriguez

Spy Versus Spy: The Future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity resembles an unending battle of good and dark forces in which the tools grow ever more sophisticated and dangerous in a world where victory is never permanent. The threats to cybersecurity from foreign government sponsored hackers and unaffiliated criminal organizations are increasing due to some fundamental changes in the technological landscape.

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The Future of Air Travel

It seems clear that air travel has changed forever, but what may be surprising is just what those changes may look like.  Aside from the more obvious health-related changes that are likely to be implemented by airlines, there are a number of developments—not all of which are pandemic-related—that are likely to shape the air travel experience in the years ahead.

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Microchips on the Brain

Computer chip technology promises a future that will revolutionize medicine, how people will live their lives and perhaps even redefine what it means to be human.

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Next Level Cybersecurity

Building a blueprint for an individual’s retirement future still requires a skilled professional. As the landscape changes around us, we must respond or face the potentially expensive consequences of our failure to adapt.



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