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    Author: Lon T. Dolber

    There May Be a Future for Carbon After All

    Much like carbon-based fuels ignited the industrial revolution and silicon launched the age of computers, graphene may soon usher in the next epoch in human history. Interesting post regarding all the possibilities of using graphene.


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    Celebrating the Fourth of July

    As we celebrate our nation’s birth this Fourth of July, it is worth remembering that the United States was the first nation formed by a shared set of ideals, rather than from a common language, culture or ancestry.

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    Trends in Global Energy Investments

    With the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012, effective in May 2016, small businesses can now raise capital through online solicitation of investors or crowdfunding. In essence, the general public can now directly invest in start-up and emerging companies.

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    A Memorial Day Message

    To honor all those who fought and died for our country, I wanted to share a reflection on their sacrifices and the responsibilities we inherit from them.


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