Author: Nicole Dauenhauer

Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Your Practice

New Year’s resolutions can be a bore; they are much discussed, widely created and largely ignored. Yet, they can serve as a catalyst to make important changes. As the financial services industry enters a new, post-pandemic year, there may not be a better time to get serious about resolving to make changes that position your practice for success.

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FREE 11.1 Q&A – Mark Gajowski

Crossing the threshold of MAGII Wealth Management’s offices, the visitor is instantly at ease enveloped not only by the warmth of the surroundings, but more so by the genuine, caring vibe exuded by American Portfolios affiliated colleague Mark Gajowski and his team of seasoned associates. The embodiment of trust is palpable, and at once a balm for all who seek knowledgeable and compassionate care in financial planning.

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FREE 11.1 Feature – Adam Mark

Straight as the crow flies, just about two hours south of Rochester, N.Y., lies Alfred State College. There, a kid from small-town America who, while growing up, lent a hand on his grandparents’ farm, began to sow the seeds of his future in finance. American Portfolios affiliated financial advisor Adam Mark’s ingenuity and drive to succeed have deep roots; at just 12 years old, he transformed his uncle’s antique store into an e-commerce venture. Under his uncle’s tutelage, he honed the skills of the antiques trade and learned the art of customer service. By college, he was running his own operation on the weekends and during summer breaks, helping offset the cost of his education.

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Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving, let’s hearken back to the original celebration by giving thanks to those who have been there for us over the last year. Without the commitment, energy and sacrifice of so many individuals, we might be in a different place today. Here are some ways to repay that debt and express appreciation for their invaluable efforts during these difficult times.

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