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Should Married Couples Combine Finances?

One of the more consequential decisions a newly married couple will make at the start of their marriage is whether to combine their financial lives or keep their finances separate. There is no one right answer since it depends upon a couple’s financial circumstances and preferences.

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Is Podcasting Right for You?

Podcasts have become one of the chief ways to reach audiences in recent years. Podcasting is an excellent way for financial professionals to expand their reach and build trust and credibility within their target markets, generate leads, and establish personal connections with the investing public.

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Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Who among us hasn’t wished to win the lottery or receive a large inheritance from some rich, unknown uncle? It’s a natural and generally harmless exercise imagining having extraordinary wealth and the things we would do with it. Sometimes that dream does come true. And, not infrequently, it becomes a nightmare. It happens often enough to have its own name—Sudden Wealth Syndrome.

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October is Financial Planning Month!

The need for a sound financial plan and expert planning advice has never been more acute than it is in today’s uncertain times. Financial Planning Month is the perfect time to implement ways to change the future financial course for clients.

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