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Returning to School in a COVID-19 World

With most school systems opening for in-person instruction this fall, parents will need to be aware of their school’s policies and protocols, and be sensitive to their child’s anxieties about returning to the classroom.  Here are some helpful tips for parents with children returning to school…

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Deciding Where to Enjoy Retirement in the U.S.

Lists of the “best places to retire” are ubiquitous. These lists make for great clickbait, but what tends to be overlooked is that “best” is a relative term. “Best” really depends upon what an individual prioritizes for his or her retirement. Recognizing that needs and desires will define where the “best place to retire” is, we’ve come up with some ideas based on two different priorities.

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Breaking Loose! Post-COVID Vacation Ideas

After a year of lockdown and social distancing, Americans are ready to travel and connect again with family and friends. Since we’re not totally out of the woods yet, we’ve put together some getaway ideas that avoid the big crowds.

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Six Tips for Working from Home

The era of working from home arrived in an instant. After decades of commuting to the office, suddenly Americans found themselves working from home. For many it has become a permanent arrangement. Here are six ways to make working from home more sustainable.

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Preparing Your Pets for Your Return to the Office

Working from home has wrought many changes, from your work schedule and family dynamics to a new daily routine. Perhaps your daily dog walks begin later and have become more frequent, or playtime now occurs throughout the day. There are a number of things you can do today that will prepare your pets for your return to the office.

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