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So, Your Client Wants to Exit a Timeshare

The vast majority of timeshare buyers live to regret it. Broad dissatisfaction with timeshares has many individuals looking for ways to get out of their contractual obligations. Here are five strategies financial advisors can recommend to clients who are looking to exit their timeshares.

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Preparing Your Pets for Your Return to the Office

Working from home has wrought many changes, from your work schedule and family dynamics to a new daily routine. Perhaps your daily dog walks begin later and have become more frequent, or playtime now occurs throughout the day. There are a number of things you can do today that will prepare your pets for your return to the office.

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Giving Generation X a Little Love

For an industry that prides itself on finding opportunities, wherever they may exist, it’s remarkable that Generation X has been so totally ignored by most financial services and wealth management companies.

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