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Universal Basic Income: An Alternative to the Welfare State?

After nearly 60 years since President’s Johnson’s launch of the “War on Poverty” in 1964 and some $25 trillion in federal transfer payments for income, food and medical assistance, the share of Americans living in poverty has remained unchanged. This stunning failure of current assistance programs to reduce poverty in America is why there is a growing interest in Universal Basic Income.

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10 Ideas for Identifying and Hiring the Best Talent

Businesses are generally unable to rise above the talent they employ. Which is why it’s so important to be able to identify exceptional workers, many of whom may not be actively looking for a job. Identifying talent is only a first step, however. Employers must also ensure that the interview and hiring process facilitates hiring instead of acting as an impediment.

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Why We Should Be Asking Ourselves “Why?” More Often

How often do you ask yourself “Why?” It may be the most essential question anyone can ask in both their professional and personal lives. Only by asking and answering that question can we move forward. Unfortunately, too many people or businesses stay on a path based purely on inertia.

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Cutting Wasteful Spending

As inflation eats up more of consumers’ spending power and the demands of saving for retirement marches into closer view, many individuals grow increasingly more doubtful of their ability to meet both current and future financial demands. Perhaps one of the most effective ways happen to also be the most within an individual’s control—reducing or eliminating wasteful spending.

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What Ails the Ticket Market?

The breakdown in the ticket market has led, in many instances, to predatory pricing and chaos. And Taylor Swift agrees, which is why she created a “Verified Fan” program that requires interested buyers to prove their identity to have access to pre-sale tickets. The U.S. Senate also sympathizes, which is why they’ve opened an investigation into the ticket selling business.

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