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Higher Rates and What It Means for You

After decades of loose monetary policy, the Fed has begun pursuing a tighter monetary approach that includes raising interest rates and reducing its balance sheet. This policy u-turn is an attempt to rein in an accelerating inflation rate driven by supply chain disruptions, strong consumer demand, excess liquidity and elevated fiscal spending. It’s also led to a lot of questions…

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Are Higher Interest Rates Bad for Emerging Markets?

As developed nations’ economies recover, interest rates are heading higher, representing a further potential headwind for emerging markets. Higher rates are typically seen as a negative for emerging markets, as they increase dollar-denominated debt burdens, trigger capital outflows and result in tighter financial conditions.

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A Tale of Carried Interest

The tax treatment of carried interest is a hot topic these days, as politicians from both parties denounce it as unjust and a concession to the privileged elite and politically influential.

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