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The Moon: An Orbiting Mother Lode

Space has nearly unlimited resources, which is why nations and businesses are beginning to look to the heavens as the next frontier in mining a range of metals and minerals. To speed this along, NASA awarded contracts in 2020 to four companies to extract and return to earth lunar regolith by 2024.

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Solving the Space Trash Problem

Every piece of space debris is a potential missile that can knock out satellites critically important to our lives, serving functions such as tracking weather, facilitating communications and defending our nation. According to NASA, there are over 27,000 pieces of space junk tracked by the Space Surveillance Network (with many more that cannot be tracked) traveling at about 15,700 mph in low Earth orbit.

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Travel to Mars – It May Be Closer Than You Think

Landing a human on Mars occupies the imagination and energy of the more ambitious space explorers; yet, travel to Mars is fast becoming a reality. NASA, America’s space agency, lists six key technologies that will allow humans to successful land on Mars and return safely.

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