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Author: Shauna Faulkner

Replacing the Conventional Five-Day Workweek

The five-day, 40-hour workweek goes as far back as 1926 when Henry Ford replaced his six-days-a-week work schedule with a five-day workweek, with no change in compensation. His motivation? He thought his workers would become more productive and use their extra time off spending their money.

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Is a Home Warranty Worth the Cost?

A home warranty is a form of insurance that covers the cost of repairing many home appliances.  Home warranties may cost anywhere from $300 to $600 or higher annually, in addition to a service call charge, calling into question whether the value justifies the cost.

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Avoiding Reputational Risks

A company’s reputation is a precious asset that can take years to build and just days to destroy. This is why managing against reputational risks is so critical to preserving and growing a business, no matter a company’s size.

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The Moon: An Orbiting Mother Lode

Space has nearly unlimited resources, which is why nations and businesses are beginning to look to the heavens as the next frontier in mining a range of metals and minerals. To speed this along, NASA awarded contracts in 2020 to four companies to extract and return to earth lunar regolith by 2024.

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Managing Your Children’s Social Media Risks

Childhood is full of dangers, and every new generation of parents is faced with risks that weren’t present when they were growing up. Today, social media platforms have introduced a new set of risks for this generation of children, as well as heightened the risks faced by children of previous generations. While parents may be viewed by children as hopelessly out-of-touch with today’s social media technology, they remain the most important influence on a child’s understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the digital world.

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