Author: Shauna Faulkner

When Second Homes Become Primary Residences

The demand for second homes has soared thanks to remote working and low mortgage rates. With new working arrangements, many individuals have begun to consider a permanent move into their second home, raising important questions about what to do with their primary residence.

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Gig Economy Workers: A New Market Niche

Mention the term “gig workers” to most Americans and they are likely to envision an under-30 worker driving a car or a freelancer trying to make ends meet. That image isn’t entirely off base, but it’s also not entirely accurate.

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The Great Homework Debate

The right amount of homework assigned to young students is a debate that has been raging for decades, refreshed regularly by a new set of parents that discover an urgent relevance in the homework load given to their children. Like many of the political and social issues of our time, the positions people hold are quite polarized, falling into the “too much” camp or the “not enough” camp.

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FREE 14.2 – Kelly Jones

We have all come to know that financial services is an ever-evolving industry. Epitomizing that is the practice of Preferred Financial Group in Fort Wayne, Ind. Started by Kelly Jones in 1982 as a tax and accounting firm, the business itself has grown to include insurance planning and finances, a second office in South Bend, Ind., and four partners having varying backgrounds, with a fifth coming on shortly. They recognize that investors cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to their hard earned money; that’s why they work together, standing by Preferred Financial Group’s commitment to clients to “remain successful in today’s market” and “prepare for life challenges.” How? By recognizing that personality and relationship building are at the center of that success

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