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Category: Markets and Investments

Important 529 Plan Facts You May Not Know

A 529 plan is a highly advantageous way to save for a child’s or grandchild’s college education or pay for elementary or secondary school tuition. Earnings grow tax-deferred and avoid federal—and, in most cases, state—income tax when used to pay for qualified education expenses.

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The SPAC Phenomenon

A SPAC is a shell company established by investors to raise money through an IPO with the goal of acquiring another company. Investors buying into a SPAC IPO generally do not know what acquisition the SPAC will make, which is why SPACs are often referred to as “blank check” companies.

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Financial Illiteracy: When Will We Learn?

Financial literacy has a predictive power in determining how well an individual can meet an unexpected expense or how likely someone is to save enough for retirement. A financial literacy gap not only points to a disparity in financial satisfaction, but it is a leading contributor to economic inequities.

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Resale Value of Home Improvements

The combination of ultra-low interest rates and a coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion in home buying/selling and improvements. As homeowners increasingly think about selling their home to adapt to a changing environment, they will be confronted with whether an upgrade is a smart financial decision for getting the most resale value.

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Adapting – Learning from Nature

All systems follow some common rules—they evolve toward complexity, they tend toward chaos, and they must adapt or perish. Nature has perfected the process of adapting to change over millions of years of trial and error. It offers some lessons that may be worth an advisor’s consideration.

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