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Connecting with Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play an influential role in American society given their importance to workers, communities and the U.S. economy. The benefits of entrepreneurship are many, including driving economic growth, job creation, supporting local employment, funding public services through the taxes they pay, and the new products and services they create that improve the lives of consumers.

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Creating Effective Client Surveys

There are many good reasons to conduct regular client surveys. Properly designed, client surveys can provide insights into improving product offerings, services and the overall client experience. They may also serve as a way to help retain clients by showing them how their opinions are valued and identifying happy clients who may be willing to make referrals.

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The Value of a Celebrity Advisor

There are a number of real-world examples of businesses attaching themselves to celebrities, some of which have worked extremely well and others that have been agonizing disappointments. What is the value that celebrities bring to businesses?

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The Impact of AI on Marketing

AI marketing can be defined as the melding of AI technologies with customer and brand experience data, which allows marketers and salespeople to gain deeper and more precise insights into the customer journey and market trends.

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