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Giving Generation X a Little Love

For an industry that prides itself on finding opportunities, wherever they may exist, it’s remarkable that Generation X has been so totally ignored by most financial services and wealth management companies.

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Time to Update Your Business Plan

A client’s success is predicated on having a dynamic plan that adjusts to changing circumstances. The same holds true for a financial advisor, whose business plan must be continuously updated so that it can serve its essential function of growing a practice.

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Corporate Culture: Capitalism 2.0: Beyond ESG

In recent years we have seen how investors, communities and, increasingly, the C-suite have raised the bar on the expectations and standards by which businesses operate. Some thinkers believe that “Capitalism 2.0” doesn’t end there, however. According to two much buzzed-about books, business leaders need to reframe how they view the “game of business” and inspire corporate culture with a sense of decency.

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The Confluence of University-Based Retirement

Baby Boomers have redefined the culture since the early 1960s, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are redefining retirement. One of the ways they are doing this is through university-based retirement. In other words, Boomers are headed where educational and cultural opportunities abound—college towns.

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