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Charitable Trust: Philanthropy and Retirement Income

Individuals often view retirement income planning and legacy planning as discreet exercises. In fact, these planning objectives can both be met through the use of charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), which is an irrevocable trust in which you—the donor—receive income generated by the assets donated to the trust, while the remaining assets at your death are distributed to a charity selected by you.

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The Pros and Cons of a Cashless Economy

The nation is moving inexorably toward a cashless economy. The increasing popularity of digital wallets and the Federal Reserve’s study of a digital currency option suggest that a cashless economy is approaching a practical reality.

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How to Hire a Cultural Fit

Hiring someone whose personality and values fit the organization is important for several reasons. Chief among them is that hiring is a substantial investment in time and money. Finding the right cultural fit can also improve employee retention, reducing costly employee turnover, raising individual productivity as experience is gained and strengthening the organization’s culture.

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Overlooked Business Insurance Coverage

A smart business owner recognizes the importance of having the right business insurance coverage to protect his or her company against the many risks that can undermine its financial viability and threaten the livelihood of both owners and employees.

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