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    Category: Practice Management

    COVID-19 Playbook: Managing Your Staff

    How are you managing employees during this pandemic of the Coronavirus? It can be challenging to motivate and inspire employees during this time. Here are some ideas to help advisors manage during—and after—the pandemic.

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    Customer Experience Innovators

    There is a great disruption happening in customer experience and success where companies have elevated service expectations through digital means, helping them gain deep insights into customers in order to anticipate their needs.

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    COVID-19 Playbook: Marketing and New Business Development

    Savvy advisors, however, will look at these unprecedented times as an opportunity—an opportunity to create a closer bond with their clients and develop new client relationships from among the ocean of investors disappointed with the performance of their current advisor or in their own capabilities as a self-directed investor.

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    The COVID-19 Playbook: Client Meetings

    However long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, individuals’ degree of comfort with re-engaging socially will take much longer to reach its pre-COVID-19 level, with the recovery period varying by individual and by region of the country.

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    The COVID-19 Playbook

    Whether the changes that the COVID-19 outbreak have wrought are permanent or not, they will surely not be fleeting. Operating your financial practice in the wake of COVID-19 will mean re-evaluating every aspect of how you conduct your business.

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