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PEP Up Your Retirement Business

Financial advisors now have a new arrow in their quiver for their small employer retirement plan business—the pooled employer plan (PEP). PEPs are designed to help small businesses offer retirement plans at a significantly lower administrative and expense burden.

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Are Social Media Algorithms Ruining Society?

Social media users in America are likely to experience a mix of different emotions from the content they view. By now, most Americans are aware that algorithms built on personal preferences and online habits are used by social media platforms to keep people engaged in order to enhance the value of their sites with advertisers. It is the way that social media companies go about it that has begun to raise critically important concerns for society.

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Giving Generation X a Little Love

For an industry that prides itself on finding opportunities, wherever they may exist, it’s remarkable that Generation X has been so totally ignored by most financial services and wealth management companies.

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Time to Update Your Business Plan

A client’s success is predicated on having a dynamic plan that adjusts to changing circumstances. The same holds true for a financial advisor, whose business plan must be continuously updated so that it can serve its essential function of growing a practice.

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Corporate Culture: Capitalism 2.0: Beyond ESG

In recent years we have seen how investors, communities and, increasingly, the C-suite have raised the bar on the expectations and standards by which businesses operate. Some thinkers believe that “Capitalism 2.0” doesn’t end there, however. According to two much buzzed-about books, business leaders need to reframe how they view the “game of business” and inspire corporate culture with a sense of decency.

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