Author: Andrew Dorfman

The Future of AI Regulation

If artificial intelligence (AI) is to serve humans in ways that improve our lives or avert the existential threat that many people believe may exist, AI needs to operate under a regulatory framework with a defined set of guardrails. Indeed, business leaders are looking to Washington to lead on creating such an AI regulatory framework.

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AI’s Impact on Professional Occupations

The Industrial Revolution upended manual labor, replacing many jobs that were done with human muscle with machines that could do the job quicker and cheaper. The unfolding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution is largely coming after the jobs of the more educated professional class as business uses for AI increases.

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Business Uses for Artificial Intelligence

According to an analysis by Goldman Sachs, over the next 10 years artificial intelligence (AI) could increase economic productivity by 1.5% per year, resulting in a 30% or more jump in S&P 500 profits over the next decade. The anticipated productivity gains means that its use will be spread wide and deep into almost every facet of the American economy, from manufacturing and services to marketing and advertising.

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The Future of Physical Therapy

Though technology is shaping the future of nearly all areas of our personal and economic lives, the role of technology in the advancement of physical therapy may be the most underappreciated. From allowing paralyzed people to walk to reducing pain, technology is revolutionizing the means and impact of treatment.

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