Author: Andrew Dorfman

The Future of Physical Therapy

Though technology is shaping the future of nearly all areas of our personal and economic lives, the role of technology in the advancement of physical therapy may be the most underappreciated. From allowing paralyzed people to walk to reducing pain, technology is revolutionizing the means and impact of treatment.

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Robots in the Office

The robot revolution in the office will not be about robots existing separately from the worker, like it is in the case of manufacturing; instead, robots will mostly exist side-by-side with office workers to help them become more productive employees.

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Semiconductor Chip Shortage

The pandemic-era chip shortage was a function of existing insufficient semiconductor factory capacity that was exacerbated by a steep increase in demand following the early days of the pandemic. The pandemic-era shortage crystallized the critical role chips played in economic vitality in the minds of politicians and business leaders, as well as the importance they have to national security.

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