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The Future of Ocean Exploration

Despite being surrounded by oceans, 75% of the ocean floor remains unmapped and 90% of marine life is believed to remain awaiting discovery. As scientists survey what lies ahead for ocean exploration, there are four primary areas where the technology will likely advance: autonomous vehicles, instruments and sensors, mechanical engineering and electronics, and software and communications.

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The Future of AI Regulation

If artificial intelligence (AI) is to serve humans in ways that improve our lives or avert the existential threat that many people believe may exist, AI needs to operate under a regulatory framework with a defined set of guardrails. Indeed, business leaders are looking to Washington to lead on creating such an AI regulatory framework.

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AI’s Impact on Professional Occupations

The Industrial Revolution upended manual labor, replacing many jobs that were done with human muscle with machines that could do the job quicker and cheaper. The unfolding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution is largely coming after the jobs of the more educated professional class as business uses for AI increases.

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The Ocean: An Overlooked Solution to Climate Change?

Roughly half of the Earth’s oxygen production comes from the ocean, primarily from plankton that live on the ocean’s surface. Plankton creates all this oxygen by pulling carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air—the prime contributor of global warming. So, why is it then that among all the solutions put forth by climate scientists and politicians (e.g., planting trees, carbon capture, renewable energy), there is little attention paid to this critical source of carbon-to-oxygen conversion?

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What’s All the Fuss About ChatGPT?

The media are filled with breathless reporting on the ChatGPT revolution, replacing the metaverse as the “next big thing” in the minds of many investors. There’s good reason for the enthusiasm since it just may change work as we know it.

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