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Category: The Future Series

Solving for Droughts and Wildfires

The current drought in the West ranks one of the driest periods in the last 1,200 years. By one estimate, nearly 98% of land across 11 Western states is abnormally dry, with more than 90% in some stage of drought. Worryingly, the top five states in population growth are in the West or Southwest, putting additional pressures on an increasingly scarce resource.

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Smart Cities: Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser

Smart cities use big data, cloud computing, edge technology and artificial intelligence to develop more sustainable practices to address the growing challenges of urban areas, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of services, from trash collection and easing traffic congestion to filling potholes and improving energy and water distribution.

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The Future of Mental Health Therapies

There is much progress that still needs to be made, but the future of mental health is looking very promising, as technology and new drug research have opened up exciting new treatment possibilities, including the emergence of apps.

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The Future of Air Travel

It seems clear that air travel has changed forever, but what may be surprising is just what those changes may look like.  Aside from the more obvious health-related changes that are likely to be implemented by airlines, there are a number of developments—not all of which are pandemic-related—that are likely to shape the air travel experience in the years ahead.

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