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The Moon: An Orbiting Mother Lode

Space has nearly unlimited resources, which is why nations and businesses are beginning to look to the heavens as the next frontier in mining a range of metals and minerals. To speed this along, NASA awarded contracts in 2020 to four companies to extract and return to earth lunar regolith by 2024.

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What’s in Store for DNA?

Recent advances in DNA research have provided scientists new insights into human behavior, disease, aging and evolution. From DNA fingerprinting and DNA microarray technology (a tool used to determine whether an individual’s DNA contains gene mutations) to gene therapy and cloning, these advancements are opening doors to enormous opportunities to improve the lives of humans, as well as presenting profound ethical issues that society will need to address.

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The Sleep Gene

More than a third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, according to the CDC.1 Help may be on the way. Scientists have recently identified a “sleep gene” that allows people who have this gene to feel fully rested with just four to six hours of sleep, without the ill effects that are typically associated with lack of sufficient sleep.

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