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Category: Peer-To-Peer

Best Year Yet

To achieve sustainability in your financial planning practice, you have to ask yourself some tough questions: Should we further outsource our money management for clients? How do we compete in an environment where clients are relying more on technology? Does charging fees based on AUM really work for younger clients?

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A Tale of Carried Interest

The tax treatment of carried interest is a hot topic these days, as politicians from both parties denounce it as unjust and a concession to the privileged elite and politically influential.

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Could ESG Investing Help Earth’s Diminishing Resources?

With major environmental changes and governance (ESG) issues, if we can see beyond the immediate future and the potential impact that external factors place on businesses, then we will be better equipped to make sound decisions and champion ways to continue to yield high returns without affecting our precious resources.

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The Odd Index or Two

More than a century later since the founding by Dow Jones of the world’s first stock market index, we’re still trying to predict the direction of stock prices and track broader economic activity through the use of these analytical indices, some of which have very odd names.

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