Author: Lon T. Dolber

Our Generation’s May Day

On May Day, the 183-year-old Wall Street practice of charging fixed commissions came to an abrupt end. The industry profoundly and irreversibly changed that day. It gave rise to discount brokers—Charles Schwab being the pioneer and most successful offspring of May Day—and led to the disappearance of scores of old-line, white-shoe brokerage firms who found themselves unable to compete. Some historic inflection points come with black-and-white dates and blaring news headlines; others sneak up, quietly and gradually. Either way, they are not to be ignored.

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Corporate Culture: Capitalism 2.0: Beyond ESG

In recent years we have seen how investors, communities and, increasingly, the C-suite have raised the bar on the expectations and standards by which businesses operate. Some thinkers believe that “Capitalism 2.0” doesn’t end there, however. According to two much buzzed-about books, business leaders need to reframe how they view the “game of business” and inspire corporate culture with a sense of decency.

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Re-Configuring America’s Supply Chains

American businesses are increasingly examining their supply chains to reduce their reliance on Chinese sourcing. This was catalyzed by the trade war between China and the U.S., and accelerated by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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