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Connecting with Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs play an influential role in American society given their importance to workers, communities and the U.S. economy. The benefits of entrepreneurship are many, including driving economic growth, job creation, supporting local employment, funding public services through the taxes they pay, and the new products and services they create that improve the lives of consumers.

The Future Series


AI’s Impact on Professional Occupations

The Industrial Revolution upended manual labor, replacing many jobs that were done with human muscle with machines that could do the job quicker and cheaper. The unfolding Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution is largely coming after the jobs of the more educated professional class as business uses for AI increases.

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Work/Life Balance


The Impact of the Growing Short-Term Rental Backlash

This past summer, the city of New York passed new regulations that effectively ban short-term rentals, hurting companies like Airbnb and hosts who have rented rooms and apartments to supplement income. For individual Americans, the financial impact of this growing trend will vary, depending upon where they live in the short-term rental ecosystem—as renter, traveler or host.


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