Author: Katherine Melendez

The Future of Ocean Exploration

Despite being surrounded by oceans, 75% of the ocean floor remains unmapped and 90% of marine life is believed to remain awaiting discovery. As scientists survey what lies ahead for ocean exploration, there are four primary areas where the technology will likely advance: autonomous vehicles, instruments and sensors, mechanical engineering and electronics, and software and communications.

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Should Retirees Sell Their Home?

For many retirees, the decision to sell their home may be clear, while others may be forced to sell due to financial reasons. For others still, the decision is a difficult one since they see benefits and disadvantages to the options in front of them.

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Should Married Couples Combine Finances?

One of the more consequential decisions a newly married couple will make at the start of their marriage is whether to combine their financial lives or keep their finances separate. There is no one right answer since it depends upon a couple’s financial circumstances and preferences.

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Pickleball: The Next Great American Pastime

Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport, with a 159% increase in participation over the last three years. According to a recent study conducted by YouGov, 14% of Americans—or 36.5 million people—played pickleball between August 2021 and August 2022.

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