Author: Katherine Melendez

The Ocean: An Overlooked Solution to Climate Change?

Roughly half of the Earth’s oxygen production comes from the ocean, primarily from plankton that live on the ocean’s surface. Plankton creates all this oxygen by pulling carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air—the prime contributor of global warming. So, why is it then that among all the solutions put forth by climate scientists and politicians (e.g., planting trees, carbon capture, renewable energy), there is little attention paid to this critical source of carbon-to-oxygen conversion?

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Ten Ideas for Making Home Ownership a Reality

June is National Homeownership Month—a time to celebrate the value of homeownership to families and communities. Affording a new home has become more difficult for four basic reasons: higher mortgage rates, higher home prices, lower inventory and lagging wage growth.

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The Importance of Mothers

It is impossible to overestimate the value of mothers to children, family, community and society. A mother’s impact is as profound as it is transcendent for those blessed enough to have such a parent in their life. Recognizing that words may fail us in fully capturing the importance of mothers, let’s, nevertheless, try.

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