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Old Documentation? Just Shred It!

The promise of a paperless society has fallen short, if you think of all the paper clutter that builds up in many households. When that paper pile grows too big, the urge to purge frequently results in documents with important information ending up in the curbside garbage bin. That’s a big mistake because dumpster diving is akin to mining gold for identity thieves. Instead of dumping documents and files no longer needed into the household trash, consider shredding documents to protect your most important private data.

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Avoiding Restoration Scams

The target of restoration scams tends to be older people who often have immediately available funds, are prone to be more trusting, are less likely to report a scam out of embarrassment and are seen as less reliable witnesses due to memory deterioration.

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Making Gold with Recycled Plastic

The amount of plastic waste is as staggering as it is appalling, harming marine life and eventually entering the human food chain. Solutions to the problem have been elusive and had only limited impact. There is, however, one potential solution that may be more powerful than any of them. What if there was a way to make plastic waste valuable?

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5G Without the Hype

Yes, 5G is truly here, but its potential for new heights of consumer experience remains years away. For now, though, let’s look past the Madison Avenue hype and see what 5G looks like today.

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The Return to Office Panic

A recent survey by Harvard Business School indicates just how reluctant Americans are to return to work. More than 8 in 10 respondents did not want to go back to the office or preferred a hybrid schedule going forward. Over a quarter hoped to work remotely full-time.

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