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So, You Want to Retire Abroad…

There is a sense of adventure attached to living in the midst of Italy’s historic art and culinary achievements, relaxing on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Spain, or soaking in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. If you’re contemplating retiring abroad, living out of the country is not only exciting, but can also be less expensive, potentially increasing the life of your retirement nest egg.

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How to Reduce Debt

Excessive debt not only keeps individuals from realizing their long-term financial dreams, but too much debt can also cause a range of health issues, from stress and anxiety to high blood pressure and depressed immune system functioning.

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Social Influencer: Hot Job or Hot Air?

Being an influencer is a real thing; moreover, for many individuals, it’s their job. In some ways, influencers have always been among us. We know that many well-known celebrities with their millions of followers have jumped into the influencer business. So, if social media influencer is a real job, what are its required skills and demands?

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Universal Basic Income: An Alternative to the Welfare State?

After nearly 60 years since President’s Johnson’s launch of the “War on Poverty” in 1964 and some $25 trillion in federal transfer payments for income, food and medical assistance, the share of Americans living in poverty has remained unchanged. This stunning failure of current assistance programs to reduce poverty in America is why there is a growing interest in Universal Basic Income.

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Why We Should Be Asking Ourselves “Why?” More Often

How often do you ask yourself “Why?” It may be the most essential question anyone can ask in both their professional and personal lives. Only by asking and answering that question can we move forward. Unfortunately, too many people or businesses stay on a path based purely on inertia.

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