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Confusing Food Labels

Nearly every food product on today’s grocery shelves come with some claim: “Organic,” “Non-GMO,” “Pasture-fed chickens” and “Gluten-free” are some examples. These designations may be comforting, but they can also be misleading. Sugar, which is not healthy, can be designated as organic, while highly-processed foods loaded with fats and sugar can be labeled gluten-free.

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Revolutionary, Gen Z Discovers Walking!

“Silent walking,” the latest TikTok sensation, is the act of going for a walk without phones, listening to music or a podcast, or any other technological distractions. While to earlier generations this sounds suspiciously like a walk in the woods or the ancient Zen Buddhist monks’ practice of “walking meditation,” to Gen Zers it’s their latest discovery.

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The Impact of the Growing Short-Term Rental Backlash

This past summer, the city of New York passed new regulations that effectively ban short-term rentals, hurting companies like Airbnb and hosts who have rented rooms and apartments to supplement income. For individual Americans, the financial impact of this growing trend will vary, depending upon where they live in the short-term rental ecosystem—as renter, traveler or host.

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The Growth of Homeschooling

Over 3 million K-12 students were homeschooled in 2021-2022. The reasons for choosing homeschooling vary by family, but usually include a dissatisfaction with the quality of their public school, a difference of opinion in the content taught to children, the questionable safety of public schools and the belief that more individualized lessons will improve learning.

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Pickleball: The Next Great American Pastime

Pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport, with a 159% increase in participation over the last three years. According to a recent study conducted by YouGov, 14% of Americans—or 36.5 million people—played pickleball between August 2021 and August 2022.

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