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The Great Resignation: Having Second Thoughts

By now everyone is familiar with the Great Resignation. Since the pandemic, the number of Americans quitting their jobs has soared, averaging in excess of four million workers per month for the last year.  Now, it appears many Americans regret their decision to quit their jobs.

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Capturing Fleeting Memories

Memory loss is quite normal as we age, but what most people think of as memory loss is actually a decline in the ability to perform tasks requiring attention and executive function.

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The Decision to Unretire

Americans have always unretired. In fact, after dipping to 2% during the COVID crisis, the percentage of retirees re-entering the workforce has returned to its pre-pandemic level.

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Applying Behavioral Finance to Decumulation

The study of behavioral finance has provided valuable insights into how individual behaviors can frustrate investment success. Recognizing the inherent biases that adversely affect investment decision-making has led to strategies and actions that have promoted better behavior and improved investment outcomes.

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