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Funding Your Parents’ Elder Care

Over 40 million Americans provide some form of care for aging parents, and while the majority of that is nonfinancial, 28% provided financial assistance. For adult children providing financial assistance for elder care, and for those who may be doing so in the future, these unforeseen expenses can place added strain on family budgets, college affordability, and saving for retirement.

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Overemployment: Ethical and Practical Considerations

Contradicting the “slacker” reputation of younger workers, a 2023 survey of over 1,200 remote workers conducted by Resume Builder found that 79% have worked two or more jobs in the past year. A third of respondents said they were currently overemployed, with more than half making above six figures in income. Only 10% indicated that balancing multiple jobs was “very difficult.” This new trend of overemployment has raised ethical issues for workers and very practical concerns for employers.

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When an Adult Child Returns to the Nest

It’s one thing for parents to adjust and figure out how to survive the empty nest syndrome that comes with a child going to college or pursuing options after high school.  But, it’s also been observed that humans are the only species whose offspring returns to their parents. This return home is fraught with difficulties and concerns on the part of both parents and adult children.

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Exercise for the September of Your Years

Exercise is one of the most important things that seniors can do to maintain their good health and independence. Exercise at this point in life is not about “higher, faster, farther,” but simply about doing enough to delay or prevent many of the health issues that may develop in old age.

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The Next Generation of Car Features

The evolution of cars is happening at a breakneck pace. But while EV and self-driving cars get all the attention, there are some exciting developments in advancing the state of car features to expect in the near future.

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