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Author: Melissa Dolber-Grappone

How to Vet Charities

If you’re like most Americans, you give generously to the causes that matter to you, but in giving that financial help you want to make sure the charities you donate to also effectively and efficiently spends those funds to achieve meaningful change.

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Can We Trust Too Much?

There are downsides to trust, especially too much trust. Trust can lead us to see what we want to see—a form of confirmation bias—that can adversely affect our judgment. Trust is the grease that lubricates both business and personal relationships.

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Sponsoring a Client Appreciation Event

Client appreciation events serve multiple purposes. They act as an expression of gratitude to clients for entrusting their financial futures to an advisor, strengthen the bonds between the advisor and client, and they can be an effective way to convert a prospect into a client.

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