Author: Melissa Dolber-Grappone

April is Water Conservation Month

April was declared Water Conservation Month to highlight the importance of, and benefits gained by, conserving water. The chief concern of excess water consumption is that it can lower reservoir and ground water levels, resulting in higher concentrations of natural and human pollutants, adversely impacting fresh bodies of water.

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The Future of … Afforestation

Even in times of division, where we seem to find so few areas of agreement, everyone loves trees. Which is why this one climate change remedy may find universal support, even among those who doubt that climate change represents a threat to our future.

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De-Stressing Through Forest Bathing

There is a considerable body of research that shows that rates of anxiety, depression and mood disorders are elevated in urban dwellers and those in competitive work environments. Now, imported from Japan, comes a new and rather unique method for combating stress—forest bathing.

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