Author: Melissa Dolber-Grappone

Sponsoring a Client Appreciation Event

Client appreciation events serve multiple purposes. They act as an expression of gratitude to clients for entrusting their financial futures to an advisor, strengthen the bonds between the advisor and client, and they can be an effective way to convert a prospect into a client.

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Keeping Children Intellectually Engaged Over Summer Break

It’s a myth that the summer break is an anachronism of our agrarian roots. In fact, the summer break, created by 19th century reformers to standardize the school calendar, is rooted in pre-air conditioned urban schools, which made the summer months the most sensible period for taking a break. What is a not a myth, however, is the “summer slide” in academics … and studies show this.

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The Sleep Gene

More than a third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, according to the CDC.1 Help may be on the way. Scientists have recently identified a “sleep gene” that allows people who have this gene to feel fully rested with just four to six hours of sleep, without the ill effects that are typically associated with lack of sufficient sleep.

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