Author: Melissa Dolber-Grappone

Confusing Food Labels

Nearly every food product on today’s grocery shelves come with some claim: “Organic,” “Non-GMO,” “Pasture-fed chickens” and “Gluten-free” are some examples. These designations may be comforting, but they can also be misleading. Sugar, which is not healthy, can be designated as organic, while highly-processed foods loaded with fats and sugar can be labeled gluten-free.

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Creating Effective Client Surveys

There are many good reasons to conduct regular client surveys. Properly designed, client surveys can provide insights into improving product offerings, services and the overall client experience. They may also serve as a way to help retain clients by showing them how their opinions are valued and identifying happy clients who may be willing to make referrals.

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Is Podcasting Right for You?

Podcasts have become one of the chief ways to reach audiences in recent years. Podcasting is an excellent way for financial professionals to expand their reach and build trust and credibility within their target markets, generate leads, and establish personal connections with the investing public.

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The Implications of National Weight Loss

Obesity results in myriad health complications, including higher risk for Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, at least 13 types of cancer, mental illness (e.g., depression) and body pain.  With September being a month dedicated to self care, the statistics are worrisome. New drugs have come to market that show real, scientifically valid weight loss results. While these drugs may have one of the largest addressable markets of any drug today, they are expensive.

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