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Author: Carol Erdmann

Paying for Pet Healthcare

For many, their pets are as important to them as any member of the family. Much like those other family members, however, an owner must take into account the health costs for their pet. While self-insurance is a viable option for many pet owners, pet care, nevertheless, can involve unexpectedly high bills that many families are not willing or able to absorb.

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Evolution: Humans 2.0

Today, humans may be on the precipice of a different sort of evolution—one driven not by natural selection, but by the integration of human biology and machines … what some futurists call “the singularity.”

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Children of Wealth

What do Bill Gates, Sting and George Lucas have in common? They plan on giving only a small portion of their vast wealth to their children. Their reason is simple … they place great importance on their children succeeding on their own merits. This leads to an important question: Can wealthy parents raise children with strong values and empathy for those less fortunate amid vast personal wealth?

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