Author: Carol Erdmann

Organizational Culture Matters

Organizational cultures range from unrelenting paces and frugality to those who celebrate productivity and creativity. When a positive culture exists, it can have the benefits of greater productivity and happier employees, which usually translates into a better customer experience, higher retention, greater engagement and more innovation.

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Why We Should Be Asking Ourselves “Why?” More Often

How often do you ask yourself “Why?” It may be the most essential question anyone can ask in both their professional and personal lives. Only by asking and answering that question can we move forward. Unfortunately, too many people or businesses stay on a path based purely on inertia.

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Revolutionary, Gen Z Discovers Walking!

“Silent walking,” the latest TikTok sensation, is the act of going for a walk without phones, listening to music or a podcast, or any other technological distractions. While to earlier generations this sounds suspiciously like a walk in the woods or the ancient Zen Buddhist monks’ practice of “walking meditation,” to Gen Zers it’s their latest discovery.

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The Impact of the Growing Short-Term Rental Backlash

This past summer, the city of New York passed new regulations that effectively ban short-term rentals, hurting companies like Airbnb and hosts who have rented rooms and apartments to supplement income. For individual Americans, the financial impact of this growing trend will vary, depending upon where they live in the short-term rental ecosystem—as renter, traveler or host.

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Sudden Wealth Syndrome

Who among us hasn’t wished to win the lottery or receive a large inheritance from some rich, unknown uncle? It’s a natural and generally harmless exercise imagining having extraordinary wealth and the things we would do with it. Sometimes that dream does come true. And, not infrequently, it becomes a nightmare. It happens often enough to have its own name—Sudden Wealth Syndrome.

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