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FREE 13.1 Q&A: Jared McGill

From waiting tables at East End Long Island restaurants to joining AP as a new accounts associate, McGil worked his way up through the ranks—building enough confidence to strike out on his own as an investment professional. Now, married with two children, he makes his home in Westport, Conn., and commutes each day to Blank Financial, a Park Avenue Manhattan practice where he works alongside mentor and fellow investment professional Greg Blank to provide solution-driven advice to their loyal client base.

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Finance Fairy Godmothers – Women in Finance

Fairy tales aside, it is often assumed that “Prince Charming is born knowing how to manage finances. Women, of course, are not,” stated AP-affiliated financial advisor Judith Beckman, CFP®, (Financial Solutions; Northport, N.Y.). It is a glaring fact that the number of women in finance versus that of their male counterparts is a shockingly low number; but what does this say about society’s double standard?

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FREE 12.1 Feature – Barbara Treadwell

As the title might imply, while no truer words could ever be spoken enough about this woman, you will never hear her complain about work; nor will she ever imply her life is any more or less difficult than others, irrespective of gender. But what you will hear American Portfolios affiliated advisor Barbara Treadwell of Savannah, Ga., say is that she is an unapologetic workaholic who loves her life and what she does.

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Twenty Years of Business … and Lasting Friendships

The year 1999, the stock market was almost five years into one of its biggest bull markets ever—fueled by the internet craze—and Ronald Chakler was closing in on his 20th year in the business; despite these milestones, he knew he needed a change. He was running a small broker/dealer (B/D) and wearing too many different hats. It had become too difficult to manage his book of business, oversee the activities of other brokers, write written supervisory procedures and make sure financial reports were filed in a timely manner, along with the multitude of other details that go into operating a B/D.

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FREE 11.1 Q&A – Mark Gajowski

Crossing the threshold of MAGII Wealth Management’s offices, the visitor is instantly at ease enveloped not only by the warmth of the surroundings, but more so by the genuine, caring vibe exuded by American Portfolios affiliated colleague Mark Gajowski and his team of seasoned associates. The embodiment of trust is palpable, and at once a balm for all who seek knowledgeable and compassionate care in financial planning.

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