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FREE 11.1 Feature – Adam Mark

Straight as the crow flies, just about two hours south of Rochester, N.Y., lies Alfred State College. There, a kid from small-town America who, while growing up, lent a hand on his grandparents’ farm, began to sow the seeds of his future in finance. American Portfolios affiliated financial advisor Adam Mark’s ingenuity and drive to succeed have deep roots; at just 12 years old, he transformed his uncle’s antique store into an e-commerce venture. Under his uncle’s tutelage, he honed the skills of the antiques trade and learned the art of customer service. By college, he was running his own operation on the weekends and during summer breaks, helping offset the cost of his education.

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FREE 10.2 Feature – Ronald Chakler

Chakler espouses a formidable work ethic. From the time he was 14 years old, he worked part-time in a bagel bakery making, you guessed it … bagels. As the saying goes, “you can’t keep a good man down” and, following his departure from the classroom, he fell back on his bagel baking experience after reconnecting with an old friend who was opening bagel shops near Atlantic City, N.J. Together they built three bakeries; however, following a falling out between the owners and the partners of the business, Chakler knew he wanted and needed a “real job.”

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FREE 10.1 Q&A – Ann Kavanaugh

There’s more to this seasoned business woman of 34 years than meets the eye. In this Q&A, Kavanaugh talks about the evolution of her career, as well as her personal commitment to the community at large. Her life has deep roots in Berwyn, Pa., one of a string of towns along the “unofficial” historical Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad, a getaway spot for 19thcentury Philadelphia aristocrats.

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