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The Impact of Rising Rates on REITs

Few sectors are more impacted by rising interest rates than real estate, affecting everything from home affordability to commercial property valuations. Higher interest rates have been a substantial drag on the sector’s recent performance, and the potential of recession in the second half of 2023 looms as an additional risk facing REIT investors.

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The Uncertain Future of Social Security

Social Security has faced funding crises in the past and elected leaders have always arrived at solutions, albeit temporary ones, to extend funding. These solutions have centered on raising the contribution rate, the income ceiling subject to the Social Security contributions and the age at which full retirement benefits commence.

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The SVB Collapse: Lessons for Investors

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was rooted in an entirely avoidable error. The problem was not with the bonds themselves; it stemmed from sharply rising interest rates, which, as any investor knows, causes the value of bonds to fall.

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Evaluating Big Purchases in Retirement

Retirement dreams, more often than not, involve making big purchases. They may range from a two-month tour of European cities to buying a second home. If you perform an internet search on “big purchases in retirement,” many of the results center on discussing the biggest big-purchase mistakes retirees make.

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