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Robots in the Office

The robot revolution in the office will not be about robots existing separately from the worker, like it is in the case of manufacturing; instead, robots will mostly exist side-by-side with office workers to help them become more productive employees.

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Evolution: Humans 2.0

Today, humans may be on the precipice of a different sort of evolution—one driven not by natural selection, but by the integration of human biology and machines … what some futurists call “the singularity.”

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Hydroponic Farming: Turning City Buildings into Farms

Just as canals were repurposed to provide drainage, irrigation, water and hydroelectric power when the railroad proved to be a superior means for the transport of goods and materials, perhaps we will find that today’s office buildings will find a new purpose in hydroponic farming as a consequence of the diminishing need to house workers in a central location.

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The Future of Air Travel

It seems clear that air travel has changed forever, but what may be surprising is just what those changes may look like.  Aside from the more obvious health-related changes that are likely to be implemented by airlines, there are a number of developments—not all of which are pandemic-related—that are likely to shape the air travel experience in the years ahead.

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