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Children of Wealth

What do Bill Gates, Sting and George Lucas have in common? They plan on giving only a small portion of their vast wealth to their children. Their reason is simple … they place great importance on their children succeeding on their own merits. This leads to an important question: Can wealthy parents raise children with strong values and empathy for those less fortunate amid vast personal wealth?

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FREE 14.2 Views – Know Your Customer… and Their Heirs

Where many of today’s financial services practices are comprised predominantly of Baby Boomers, advisors need to look to the future of their client base … where will the assets come from? Heirs to those very Baby Boomers could be a possibility, but has the advisor brought the heir into the fold, making them feel as if they are also a valued client? Advisors should act immediately to capture this next generation of wealth. Here are three main actions advisors can implement now to make the transfer of wealth management possible.

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Roth IRA for Children: Asset Retention Strategy

Asset leakage is a serious long-term danger to many advisory practices since the inheritors often do not stay with the financial advisor. By working with clients today to open a Roth IRA for their minor children, you lay the groundwork to establish relationships with the future heirs of your clients’ wealth during their most formative years.

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