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Four Risks to the Market in 2024

As we begin 2024, the expectations for the market are moderately positive. Recognizing the potential for the experts to be wrong again, it may be instructive to examine some risks that could upend these positive expectations.

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Market Impact of Midterm Elections

Politics is the art of the possible. With the recent midterm elections, the scope of what’s possible has been narrowed. Any impact the new Congress may have on the markets may turn on how the Republicans in the House choose to wield their newfound power.

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Are Higher Interest Rates Bad for Emerging Markets?

As developed nations’ economies recover, interest rates are heading higher, representing a further potential headwind for emerging markets. Higher rates are typically seen as a negative for emerging markets, as they increase dollar-denominated debt burdens, trigger capital outflows and result in tighter financial conditions.

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Revisiting the Sequence of Returns Risk

The sequence of returns risk may be the greatest risk facing retirees. The danger of down markets occurring near to or early in retirement, coupled with withdrawals to fund retirement spending, can be lethal to the longevity of an individual’s retirement savings.

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