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Broker-Dealer Consolidations

It’s been a little over two years since I joined American Portfolios as a marketing strategist. In all the years that I’ve been working in financial services, the experience at AP has provided a unique opportunity to be a part of an exciting journey with a firm that has a vision and a plan to be a great company and the best service provider to its customers–the affiliated financial professionals–as an independent broker/dealer.

I particulary enjoy listening to CEO Lon T. Dolber speak about the state of our business and where its future lies. Being very accessible, one day I asked him if he would consider coming down to our in house studio in the marketing department—an asset, I should add, he was the champion for making become a reality—to share his views on B/D consolidation; it is a subject matter for which he has a great deal of passion and something he believes, in the long run, is not good for anyone.

If you’ve haven’t watched the video yet, have a listen and let us know if it resonates with you just as it did with me and the many other affiliated colleagues who value their independence.

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