Author: Maria Zarb

Get Smarter About College

Everyone has heard the stories of young adults going into debt to pay for a college degree that won’t get them a job that pays enough to pay off that debt. Or parents who sacrificed retirement security to pay for their children’s higher education. As a new generation of parents plan for their children’s future college education, what are some of the most valuable lessons they can learn from the previous generation’s experience?

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When an Adult Child Returns to the Nest

It’s one thing for parents to adjust and figure out how to survive the empty nest syndrome that comes with a child going to college or pursuing options after high school.  But, it’s also been observed that humans are the only species whose offspring returns to their parents. This return home is fraught with difficulties and concerns on the part of both parents and adult children.

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Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

As a child prepares to move out of their childhood home or go to college, parents may be inundated with a number of feelings, chief among them stress, elation, and, perhaps, excitement, along with grief, known as empty nest syndrome.

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Active Listening Versus Hearing

When others are talking, how much do we really listen? And, even if we hear what someone is saying, are we truly seeking to understand the meaning and intention behind their words? Sadly, too often the answer is “no.”

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