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The Foundations of Human Wellness

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Work/Life Balance

Wellness is every human’s right—to feel strong, alert and happy. Unfortunately, most of us struggle with these things on a daily basis. As busy professionals, you are probably familiar with the routine of consuming multiple cups of coffee, the 3 o’clock energy “crash” and even the “before bed refrigerator raid.” Too many of us turn to stimulants and pharmaceuticals, alcohol and poor-quality food daily just to keep the motor running and deal with stress. Add to this a lack of physical activity and insufficient sleep, and it’s no wonder so many of us are unhealthy.  We have turned into a society totally dependent on industry in order to live—food, entertainment, transportation, even our sense of success is related to the manufactured stuff we have.

When we finally come to the realization that something is off, we are too quick to look for the easy fix, like some miracle product or drug is exactly what is missing from our life. Industry and advertisers spend billions trying to convince us that we are broken and that we need these products to be better.  Also keep in mind that most “treatments” merely address the symptoms and virtually none of them actually deal with the cause.  Dealing with the root cause of a health issue is the only way to deal with a health issue,   otherwise we see the symptoms come back over and over again.

 The biggest obstacle standing in the way of health, happiness and even good business is you.

So, what can we do? How do we actually do this and where should one start?  In most cases the cause is our lifestyle; make changes in your lifestyle and you will most definitely see beneficial changes in your life.  The biggest obstacle standing in the way of health, happiness and even good business is you.  What you eat, how you move and how you sleep are the primary keys to human wellness. When you establish a strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle, you will:

  • Optimize alertness and mental function
  • Lower and improve your ability to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Improve body composition, i.e. fat loss and/or muscle mass gain
  • Lower inflammation and oxidative stress levels
  • Improve hormone regulation and balance
  • Improve and optimize digestion and waste elimination
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Strengthen the immune system

In turn, you gain the ability to become a more proficient, effective and happy human being! Granted, results will vary for each individual depending on what biological system seems to be the most out-of-whack but, in my experience, I have yet to work with an individual who has not noticed a significant change in themselves and the relationship between lifestyle and health.

Moving Forward

We need to tap into the wisdom of our ancestors; to be human is to behave like a human. There are no short cuts. We can simplify systems, but we can’t substitute good quality sleep, activity and food with the latest gadget or convenience item. It only took a generation or two to fall off the path, but we must admit we have fallen hard in the way of our health and happiness.  If you invest just a little bit of yourself into the practices mentioned above, not only will you benefit from the effort, but then you also encourage others and teach the next generation what it actually takes to live a happy and healthy life. Cheers to good health, which is always good business.

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