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Managing Your Children’s Social Media Risks

Childhood is full of dangers, and every new generation of parents is faced with risks that weren’t present when they were growing up. Today, social media platforms have introduced a new set of risks for this generation of children, as well as heightened the risks faced by children of previous generations. While parents may be viewed by children as hopelessly out-of-touch with today’s social media technology, they remain the most important influence on a child’s understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the digital world.

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Are Social Media Algorithms Ruining Society?

Social media users in America are likely to experience a mix of different emotions from the content they view. By now, most Americans are aware that algorithms built on personal preferences and online habits are used by social media platforms to keep people engaged in order to enhance the value of their sites with advertisers. It is the way that social media companies go about it that has begun to raise critically important concerns for society.

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