Author: Lisa DiBella

Overemployment: Ethical and Practical Considerations

Contradicting the “slacker” reputation of younger workers, a 2023 survey of over 1,200 remote workers conducted by Resume Builder found that 79% have worked two or more jobs in the past year. A third of respondents said they were currently overemployed, with more than half making above six figures in income. Only 10% indicated that balancing multiple jobs was “very difficult.” This new trend of overemployment has raised ethical issues for workers and very practical concerns for employers.

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How to Hire a Cultural Fit

Hiring someone whose personality and values fit the organization is important for several reasons. Chief among them is that hiring is a substantial investment in time and money. Finding the right cultural fit can also improve employee retention, reducing costly employee turnover, raising individual productivity as experience is gained and strengthening the organization’s culture.

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Considering Employee Benefits

Employee benefits provided by an employer are often undervalued when considering a new job offer by younger workers since their stage in life is usually more salary-focused as they strive to meet the growing financial demands of adulthood and family.

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