Author: Sam Rozzi, CFA

Actively Managing a Multi-Theme Portfolio

The best opportunity for generating alpha may no longer be found in managing relative exposures around a standard benchmark index, but reside in identifying profound and sustainable technological, demographic, social and economic changes that will lead in a new generation of wealth creation.

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Investors Embrace Thematic Investing

Many investors are attracted to thematic investing because it allows them to invest in strongly held convictions about the future (e.g., artificial intelligence) or according to their values (e.g., decarbonization). In a March 2021 survey, investors reported holding 28% of their portfolios in thematic instruments or strategies, with that share expected to grow to 35% in the 18 months following.

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Higher Rates and What It Means for You

After decades of loose monetary policy, the Fed has begun pursuing a tighter monetary approach that includes raising interest rates and reducing its balance sheet. This policy u-turn is an attempt to rein in an accelerating inflation rate driven by supply chain disruptions, strong consumer demand, excess liquidity and elevated fiscal spending. It’s also led to a lot of questions…

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