Author: Sam Rozzi, CFA

Stress Testing Financial Plans for Inflation

After years of monetary accommodation—and amid supply bottlenecks that may continue for years and outsized fiscal spending—inflation may become a more persistent feature of a future economic landscape than the transitory phenomenon the Federal Reserve (the Fed) continues to maintain it will be. It’s difficult to say where inflation may go from here, but it may be wise to begin assessing what it means for your clients’ financial plans and investment strategies.

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PEP Up Your Retirement Business

Financial advisors now have a new arrow in their quiver for their small employer retirement plan business—the pooled employer plan (PEP). PEPs are designed to help small businesses offer retirement plans at a significantly lower administrative and expense burden.

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Adapting – Learning from Nature

All systems follow some common rules—they evolve toward complexity, they tend toward chaos, and they must adapt or perish. Nature has perfected the process of adapting to change over millions of years of trial and error. It offers some lessons that may be worth an advisor’s consideration.

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Data: The Oil of the 21st-Century Economy

Data is an asset. In today’s digital world, data has more value than 20th-century assets. The future will belong to those companies that elevate their ability to collect, analyze and gain insights from data to improve the customer experience and gain market share.

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