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Monkeys in Suits

My grandfather, an avid stock market speculator in his day, once told me when I was a kid that most market participants had terrible investment performance even through some of the strongest bull markets. “Humans are herd animals, just like sheep,” he told me. “Even the professionals?” I asked. “They might be the worst.

Basically, Wall Street is filled with a bunch of monkeys in suits.” I was shocked, but apparently not enough to deter me from pursuing a career on Wall Street. The conversation with my grandfather pushed me to look at things a little differently throughout my career. I studied the great investors to understand what made them great and then applied what I learned…

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Adapting Your Practice to an Aging Client Base

As a financial advisor, your training and experience prepares you to give great financial planning and investment advice, but it may not have prepared you for the unique challenges working with an aging client may bring.

Financial literacy drops by about 1.5 percentage points every year after age 60, occurring uniformly across sex, wealth, education level and stock market experience. 1

With Baby Boomers now turning 70, the percentage of your clients over age 60 may be at its highest point in your career, and likely heading higher.


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Retirement Income Grows Up

In meeting the difficult challenge of sustaining income for a lifetime, the “4 percent rule” that may have governed retirement income strategies in recent years is now giving way to much more complex considerations as industry players and academia gain insight into this brave new world of income management.

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