Six Self-Improvement Podcasts for Financial Advisors

With the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012, effective in May 2016, small businesses can now raise capital through online solicitation of investors or crowdfunding. In essence, the general public can now directly invest in start-up and emerging companies.

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    Six Self-Improvement Podcasts for Financial Advisors

    Six Self-Improvement Podcasts for Financial Advisors

    There is an oft-quoted idiom, “If you’re not improving, you are falling behind.” An essential building block of continuous improvement is continuous learning. With that in mind, we offer our top six financial podcasts for helping advisors travel the path of permanent professional growth.

    1. Bloomberg’s Odd Lots

    Bloomberg is a leader in reporting and analyzing markets, finance and economics. It uses its global reach, highly-regarded journalists and access to thought leaders to bring you a richly diverse library of podcasts, covering topics ranging far and wide, from “This is How the Unicorn Bubble Will Burst” to “A Forensic Accounting Expert on How Companies Trick Investors.” This may be the first stop for keeping ahead of conventional thinking.

    1. Breaking Money Silence

    Americans seem more comfortable talking about sex, politics and religion than about money. Why is money such a taboo subject? How does money undermine relationships? If men and women view money differently, what does that mean for how we communicate to each of the sexes?

    In “Breaking Money Silence,” a wealth psychology expert examines these issues and more. A regular listen is sure to inform your discussions with clients.

    1. Marketing Over Coffee

    If you feel you’re under optimizing your social media, e-mail and search marketing efforts, here’s one place to visit for upping your game. They even offer marketing help for offline marketing efforts—you know, talking to strangers!

    1. Duct Tape Marketing

    Sometimes we just need to hear how others are finding success to educate and inspire ourselves. Here you’ll find interviews with leading marketing experts and entrepreneurs who share their stories and secrets.

    1. CFA Institute Take 15

    You would expect that the CFA Institute delivers smart, academic content, and you would be right. From the esoteric “Prioritizing Pension Risk Management” to the directly relevant “The Investment Firm of the Future,” you can find podcasts that should keep you abreast of the latest thinking in financial and investment management.

    1. Adventures in Finance

    Talk a walk on the wild side. In “The Knock-On Effect,” you’ll get a perspective you may not find anywhere else. You’ll learn if bear markets are actually good and why our appetite for honey may spark a boom in mini-robotic drones (hint: think colony collapse disorder).

    You may have never connected the asthma epidemic and innovation in the cargo shipping industry, but with your curiosity piqued, you just might have to check it out.

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