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    Tag: independent broker/dealer

    Client Acquisition and Retention: Optimizing the Advisor’s Toolbox

    The American psychologist Abraham Maslow… recognized that humans have a cognitive bias that predisposes us to an over-reliance on a familiar tool. We see this predisposition across many professions, from surgeons to computer programmers and, yes, even with psychiatrists. As it relates to financial advisors and their efforts around client acquisition and retention, the tools available to them are familiar ones, e.g., e-mails, seminars, social media, etc. Yet, like the hammer, these tools may be used more out of habit or convenience, without regard to whether the opportunity in front of them is a nail or a screw. In...

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    The Past and Future of Vaccine Development

    Vaccine development may be one of the most profound advances in human history. As shown by the coronavirus pandemic, science has become exceedingly skilled at developing vaccines at a pace that was unimaginable just a generation ago.

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