October is Financial Planning Month!

The need for a sound financial plan and expert planning advice has never been more acute than it is in today’s uncertain times. Financial Planning Month is the perfect time to implement ways to change the future financial course for clients.

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    October is Financial Planning Month!

    October is Financial Planning Month!

    “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” —Alan Lakein

    The need for a sound financial plan and expert planning advice has never been more acute than it is in today’s uncertain times. Consider these findings from a 2023 survey commissioned by the CFP Board:1

    • 89% of Americans are concerned about the current cost of living.
    • 82% of Americans worry about their ability to save money.
    • 69% of survey respondents are anxious about preparing for retirement.
    • Individuals cite debt as a major challenge, chiefly credit card debt (96%) and medical debt (78%).

    It’s a business owner’s dream … millions of Americans in desperate need of what you have to offer—your planning and investment management expertise.  Take this time to show clients why they need a financial planner.

    Americans of all ages and wealth bands are in critical need of education on the value of developing a financial plan to improve their chances of future financial success. Which is why promoting in your community this month is both timely and relevant.

    Here’s What You Can Do to Celebrate Financial Planning Month

    There are a number of ideas you can implement to celebrate this important month, and perhaps change the future financial course for a few people along the way.

    • Update your website to acknowledge October as “National Financial Planning Month,” highlighting your planning services and any promotions you may want to offer (e.g., free financial plans in October or complimentary retirement review). Be creative!
    • Think beyond the industry’s standard messaging around planning to better appeal to your audience. Avoid describing planning on a definitional basis (budgeting, retirement planning, etc.), but from an emotional basis (e.g., helps reduce money-related stress, helps to attain financial security, how planning has changed in a post-pandemic world, how to manage the generational wealth transfer).
    • Schedule short educational presentations in-office or at a public location, like a library, to discuss how planning is the essential launch point for future financial security.
    • Volunteer your services to a local financial empowerment organization, such as Savvy Ladies or Wings for Widows.
    • Make financial planning the center of your client communications, prospect outreach and social media throughout the month of October.

    Money doesn’t necessarily make one happy, but being able to contribute to charity, being able to afford time-saving products and services, and reducing personal stress through greater financial security certainly can raise the level of individual happiness. So, this month, make someone happy by promoting financial planning.


    1. https://www.cfp.net/knowledge/reports-and-statistics/consumer-surveys/2023-cfp-board-consumer-sentiment-survey-cost-of-living

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