Press Releases: A Marketing Staple

Press Releases: A Marketing Staple

Often overlooked amid the attention and energy spent on social media marketing, the prosaic press release remains an effective and inexpensive way for promoting the visibility of your practice.

Let’s explore the benefits of press releases and how you can maximize their impact.

The Benefits of Press Releases

  • Press releases are an inexpensive way to provide instant exposure that connects you to local media and potential clients.
  • A press release can be used to establish you as an expert. The publication of a white paper, a book or the participation in an industry group can communicate your expertise to local journalists who may consider you a valuable resource for future news reporting.
  • Media mentions build the trust of clients and potential clients. Think of the validation of “As featured in …”
  • Press releases support your social media marketing efforts by becoming another way to drive exposure and sharing.

Key Ways to Maximize the Impact of a Press Releases

Journalists are flooded with information, so your press release needs to stand out. Here are some hints at making your press release an effective one.

  • Great headlines are important. They should be catchy, but informative. Keep them short—you can always add a sub-heading.
  • Don’t bury the lead. Make sure the first paragraph is a concise overview of what you want to communicate. Journalists often make their judgments very quickly.
  • Keep your copy free of jargon and run-on sentences.
  • Include a quote from you in the body of the press release.
  • Include videos and photos, as they will increase engagement.
  • Cite data to support your story and link to the relevant documents.
  • Ensure that there are no dead links, typos, inaccurate data, or formatting errors.
  • Carefully construct your “About” section. Most journalists may not know who you are, so this section is their introduction to you. Make it a good first impression.
  • Include your contact info.
  • Consider the timing of your press release. Press releases have high and low watermarks throughout the week and time of day. One study suggests that Friday may be the best time for a “non-news” press release since the weekend is when journalists have the time to look at the previous week’s press releases.1



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