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Should Retirees Sell Their Home?

For many retirees, the decision to sell their home may be clear, while others may be forced to sell due to financial reasons. For others still, the decision is a difficult one since they see benefits and disadvantages to the options in front of them.

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Monitoring Your Retirement Income Plan

Physicians monitor the health of their patients by measuring a range of vital signs to help detect signs of potentially deteriorating medical conditions in individuals. Similarly, financial professionals must also monitor the vital signs of a retiree’s retirement income plan due to the special challenges of sustaining retirement income over 25 or more years.

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Charitable Trust: Philanthropy and Retirement Income

Individuals often view retirement income planning and legacy planning as discreet exercises. In fact, these planning objectives can both be met through the use of charitable remainder trusts (CRTs), which is an irrevocable trust in which you—the donor—receive income generated by the assets donated to the trust, while the remaining assets at your death are distributed to a charity selected by you.

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