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Evaluating Big Purchases in Retirement

Retirement dreams, more often than not, involve making big purchases. They may range from a two-month tour of European cities to buying a second home. If you perform an internet search on “big purchases in retirement,” many of the results center on discussing the biggest big-purchase mistakes retirees make.

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A Primer on Registered Index-Linked Annuities

Amid choppy financial markets in 2022, investors increasingly discovered the value of annuities. While much of last year’s annuity sales were in fixed-rate deferred annuities, index-linked annuities continued to post strong sales, rising to almost $41 billion in 2022—6% higher than 2021 and a new all-time sales record.

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Adjusting Retirement Plans for Inflation

Retirees have seen the purchasing power of their retirement income fall, while working Americans will now need to save and invest for a higher retirement income goal to ensure the same desired retirement standard of living. This erosion of purchasing power may continue for at least the next couple of years, lending urgency to the task of revisiting and potentially revising individuals’ personal retirement plans.

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