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A Risk Management Checklist

Disciplined savings and smart investing are the cornerstones of long-term wealth accumulation, but it could be all for naught in the event of a substantial financial setback due to a loss of property, death of a spouse or a personal liability judgment. It’s why insuring against these risks is so critically important for achieving long-term life goals. Use this risk management checklist to help individuals assess any gaps in protection against life’s risks.

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Risk Management: Have an Umbrella for the Rain

Wise investing is not the only ingredient to long-term wealth accumulation. Successfully building wealth also requires a rational risk management plan. While market risk is often managed through diversification and other market-based risk strategies, non-market events can present very real and substantial risks to an individual’s wealth.

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At Your Own Risk: Ignoring the Risk Conversation

No advisor can be expected to have a comprehensive understanding of all the risks clients face or a deep grounding in the insurance solutions that may protect against those risks. However, every advisor can start the conversation and work with a trusted insurance professional to help guide clients to a more secure future.

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