Why the Future Belongs to Unified Managed Accounts

Why the Future Belongs to Unified Managed Accounts

The Rise of UMAs

Advisors in the RIA channel have a greater share of client assets (47 percent) in UMAs than either the Wirehouse advisors (40 percent) or IBD advisors (34 percent). While expectations of increased use are projected across all channels, the IBD channel is expected to witness the highest percentage growth in UMA usage, rising from 34 percent to 44 percent—a jump of 29 percent.

There are a number of very compelling reasons that UMAs have captured such a large share of client assets in the wealth management space and for why this growth is set to continue over the next few years.

This white paper, Why the Future Belongs to Unified Managed Accounts, explores the reasons for the emergence and growing dominance of UMAs, why they make sense for advisors looking to grow their practice and elevate the client experience they deliver, and how the UMA program at American Portfolios has been enhanced to become an industry-leading offering

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