Technology Breakthroughs—The Future of

The top 10 technology breakthroughs that will change our lives. Imagine paying at the cashier with your face? Read on…


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    Technology Breakthroughs—The Future of

    Technology Breakthroughs—The Future of

    No. 5 in the series,

    MIT’s “Technology Review” recently published their list of top 2017 technology breakthroughs that it believes will most shake up the world in which we live.*

    1. Reversing Paralysis—Brain implants will reverse the loss of movement associated with spinal cord injuries within the next 10 to 15 years. By wirelessly connecting brain-reading technology to electrical stimulators on the body, an individual will be able to control body limbs through his or her thoughts.
    1. Self-Driving Trucks—Self-driving trucks may be first to appear on our roads. Look for them in the lane next to you in the next five to 10 years. While self-driving trucks are expected to be safer and cheaper, they will have an enormous impact on truck drivers and road service companies.
    1. Paying with Your Face—Face-detection technologies are already advanced enough to track criminals, but they may soon become a means for making payments at the cashier stand.
    1. Practical Quantum Computers—The promise of quantum computers has been just that—a promise. Now it seems their unimaginable computing power is ready for prime time. Recent advances put the reach of a practical quantum computer within the next four to five years.
    1. The 360-Degree Selfie—Inexpensive cameras are making spherical images possible, opening up a new chapter in photography and the way people share their stories. Journalists are using this technology to make reports more impactful and to train surgeons at medical universities. Sports teams are replacing the whiteboard technology with 360-degree imaging.
    1. Hot Solar Cells—Within the next 10 to 15 years, solar cells capable of converting heat to focused beams of light will make solar a source of cheap and continuous power by capturing more of the sun’s energy than present solar cell technology.
    1. Gene Therapy 2.0—The same approaches for finding cures for hereditary diseases are now being applied to cancer, heart disease and other common illnesses. The thousands of diseases that result from a single error in genetic coding may now find new avenues of treatment.
    1. The Cell Atlas—The mapping of human cells—2 trillion of them! —is the next big project, which could potentially speed up the discovery of new drug treatments.
    1. The Botnet of Things—The fragile security of our connected lives makes headlines almost daily. The trend toward the “Internet of things” will increase our exposure to cyber hacking since current security protections are inadequate.
    1. Reinforcement Learning—Computers are teaching themselves, and it’s going to improve gaming, self-driving vehicles and how best to configure data center equipment. Coupled with deep learning, driverless cars, for instance, will learn the nuances that are part of everyday driving, like whose turn it is at a four way stop.



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