The Most Interesting Senior Discounts

The Most Interesting Senior Discounts

Senior discounts abound. Businesses recognize the purchasing power of older Americans, and discounts are one of the key ways businesses—from restaurants to travel—try to attract senior spending.

The list of businesses that offer senior discounts runs very long, so seniors are likely to be rewarded for asking one simple question with every purchase: “Do you have a senior discount?”

For our purposes, rather than focusing on more conventional discounts, like those offered by restaurants and hotels, we searched for more interesting and lesser-known senior discounts.

Top Seven Senior Discounts

  1. Free Fitness Nationwide—SilverSneakers is a free health and fitness program that is available to individuals age 65 and older that is included with many Medicare plans. Once enrolled, seniors gain access to over 16,000 fitness facilities from coast to coast. So, cut the gym membership fees and begin exercising for free.
  2. Scenic America at a Discount—With the “America the Beautiful Senior Pass” (just $80), Americans age 62 and above gain free, lifetime access to over 2,000 federal recreation sites, including national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests and grasslands. The Senior Pass also provides a 50 percent discount on some facility and service amenity fees. Couple that with Amtrak’s 10 percent senior discount, and seniors can sit back, relax and watch America pass by as they head to our nation’s great natural wonders.
  1. Lower Fixed Expenses—Seniors may find they can reduce the everyday costs of utilities (electricity, gas and water), property taxes, and phone charges by calling their town or service provider and asking if there are senior discounts available. Remember, every dollar saved is a form of tax-free income!
  2. Education on the Cheap—Many state schools and community colleges offer discounts on tuition, which can be an inexpensive way to learn something new, keep intellectually challenged and meet new friends.
  3. More Affordable Prescriptions—Many big pharmacies offer substantial prescription discount opportunities, including the AARP Prescription Discount program, which can save up to 60 percent or more on FDA-approved prescriptions not covered by insurance and member prescription programs available through Costco and Walgreens.
  4. Lower Auto Insurance Rates—Older drivers are generally safer drivers, and many insurance companies offer senior discounts to reflect this. Individuals shouldn’t rely on the insurance company to apply discounts automatically, so a call may result in a lower auto insurance premium.
  5. Adopt a Pet—Pets are great companions for seniors. Many animal shelters offer discounted or free adoption to seniors. The Senior-for-Seniors program helps connect seniors with older dogs, waives the adoption fee and provides a senior welcome kit that includes a collar, leash, dog bowl and a starter supply of food.

Advisors are welcome to share this list of senior discounts with their clients!

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